Saturday, August 22, 2009

ViViD's Dear PV


After ViViD was signed to PSC indie a few months back, and a few months without news. We have the debut PV from them, for their song Dear.

I'm going to be honest when I say I know very little about ViViD. I only knew the band existed when they got singed. But I have to I'm pretty impressed with the song. From past photo shoots I was expecting something similar to SuG's music. Shin actually has a good voice, that's worth listening to. The song didn't make me an instant ViViD fan, but I do like the song enough to look into ViViD more.

The PV itself is pretty simple, which is expected from a still indie band. Their outfits remind me of something Alice Nine would have worn a few years ago. The randomly floating jewels look a little pointless and out of place. But overall the PV is ok. You couldn't really expect more from a relatively new band.
As for the members themselves. I think I'm already a fan of Reno. He's pretty hot. He reminds me a lot of Kazuki from Screw, which is a definite plus. Shin also looks pretty adorable.

The Kiddie will releases 3 new singles


The Kiddie will be releasing 3 consecutive singles from October to December. The 3 singles will be Soar, Black Side, and Popula.

It's awesome to see The Kiddie go from one confirmed single to 3 in a matter of days. Over the past months The Kiddie has become one of my favorite bands. Hearing their songs Discord and Noah has pretty much sealed the deal with me.

Their songs have been consecutively good, so I'm really looking forward to hearing the previews for these. Let's see if The Kiddie can continue without skipping a beat.

An Cafe's parallel world


An Cafe will be releasing an new album on September 9th entitled BB Parallel World. This will be the bands 2 second full length album with it's current members. This album will feature An Cafe's last 4 singles. And also another installment of the Nyappy in the World songs. Here's the track list for the album.

1. Let’s Brand New Wave
2. Natsu Koi★Natsu Game
3. Ichigo
4. Passion!!
5. NYAPPY in the parallel world
6. Alone
7. Aroma
8. Bushidou toi un fuha shinu koto to mitsuke tari
9. Summer Dive ~kan toro Peach☆Beach~
10. My ♥ Leaps For “C”
11. You

Sou leaves Lolita 23Q


Lolita 23Q announced that their vocalist Sou will be leaving the band after their October 27th live in Shibuya AX. Sou stated his reason for leaving the bands is "his views on the path he wanted to follow, and the goals of the band have varied from that of the other members."

This news came as quite a shock to me. It's no where near as shocking as Jasmine You dying, but it's shocking all the same. I'm not going to claim that I am the biggest Lolita 23Q fan out there, because I'm not. I like Lolita 23Q though, they're a good band. Their recent single Ceramic Star was one of my favorite singles by them. Sou's voice improved a lot over the years, it seemed like they could have been even better in the future. It also seems like all his "necessary" chin surgery will go to waste. It just seems like a waste all around.

And does anyone else think Sou's reason for leaving the band is obnoxiously similar to Bou's reason from leaving An Cafe? This makes me think he'll either stop making music all together like Bou, or the both of them made up reasons to overshadow their real reasons for leaving.

I also want to see if Lolita 23Q is going to continue on with a new lead singer. The rest of the band hasn't confirmed or denied that happening. I really want to see Sou and the rest of the band to continue to make music. I don't want them to go on to the ranks of not doing anything, like Bou and Kousei.

This is going to be one tearful final concert. I can't wait to see footage of it.